Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dinosuars and Dragons

Hello everyone and welcome back! So I don't know if you know this, but one of my favorite animals when I was a kid was dinosaurs. I was soo into them as a kid. I learned a ton of their names, I watched a ton of documentaries about them. There was even a point in which I learned in which time periods which dinosaurs "came into being". Yeah I was that kind of geek kid. But then there came a point in which a problem was presented to me. Well actually it was two different problems. But before I tell you what they where I wanted to ask you two question.
1) When you hear dinosaurs what do you think of? Are you like me and immediately think of this movie

And maybe you also think they lived millions of years before man.  
2) When you hear Dragon what do you think of? does this face pop up.

Are Dragons just beings of fantasy that live in our minds alone?
So the problems or issues that came up where "If your a Christian then you can't believe in dinosaurs because the Bible never talks about them" and then there was "Believing in the Bible is like believing in fairy tales, why? because the Bible has dragons in it. And dragons are not real"
So where did that leave me? I knew dinosaurs where real because of their bones, but what about dragons? No one has ever found dragon bones. After all dragons are not real right? Right?...Well what if I told you that Dinosaurs and Dragons are one in the same. What if I told you that Dinosaurs are not only in the Bible but also lived with humans until their “disappearance”. Would you believe me?

Well maybe. If you provided some sort of proof to your claims

In that case it's a good thing I didn't come empty handed! So I've done some research into Dragons and Dinosaurs. That was one of the benefits of being homeschooled, being able to research this topic I was passionate about. And what I found was that there are many different forms of evidence that prove dinosaurs and dragons are one in the same. And that they lived alongside man. But three sources of evidence transcend the rest.

            The first form of evidence is the Bible;
     Right now your probably thinking
But way are you going to the Bible? there aren't any dinosaurs in the Bible. 
Well first of all I will always go back to the Bible. first because it is the ultimate Authority in my life because it's author was God, who created everything in this world. And seconded because it is the oldest surviving text in the world. So if it says something or mentioned something you know it's good for it. But your right, the word "dinosaur" doesn't appear in the Bible because the word was not invented until 1841. "Dinosaur" is a new word while the Bible was translated in 1611. So it couldn't be in there even if there was dinosaurs around because it wasn't invented yet. But up until 1841 “dinosaurs” where known by another name... “Dragon”.
An 1800 Dictionary defined Dragon as “Now Rare” or “Large Scaly Lizard”. And that was just 41 years before the word was invented. But guess what. Dragons are mentioned in several places the Bible. The first and most important being Genesis 1:21where God creates all the sea creatures. In that verse it mentions “Whales” (NKJV) and most translations have "whales" there. But what you may not have known is that the Hebrew word is “Tannin” which is better translated as “sea monster” or “dragon”. What would be a better translation of that verse would be

And God created the great sea dragons and every living creature that moves in the ocean.

   So even in the beginning the Bible says God created dragons. But Genesis is not the only place where dragons are mentioned. They are mentioned in places like Psalms 74:13, Isaiah 27:1 and 30:6. some other places are Duet 32:33. Job 7:12. Psalm 91:13. 148:7. Isaiah 51:9. Jeremiah 51:34. Nehemiah 2:13. Lamentations 4:3. Ezekiel 29:3. 32:2. Genesis 1:21. And Exodus 7:9,10,12.  (as a side note you may need an older translation of the Bible, like a King James or something older. Because a lot of the new translations just say snake)

    Now in Job 40:15-19, a creature is described in detail that fits the description of a large sauropod dinosaur like Apatosaurus.

     Now the Bible isn't a science textbook, or a history textbook But when it talks about anything dealing with science, history, biology, astronomy or anything it's been proven to be dead right. The Bible mentions all kinds of real animals. With the only exception being the book of Revelations (which may or may not be real). So why then would a dragon be mentioned if it was not real?

            The second piece of evidence is ancient cultures;
Ancient cultures all over the world have pretty accurate depiction of dinosaurs. The Inca’s have dinosaurs carved onto burial stones, with some even depicting them riding the dinosaurs.

In a Cambodian temple there is a depiction of a stegosaurus next to depictions of other real life animals.

In Utah the Anasazi Indians left several Petroglyphs and Pictographs of dinosaurs.

In Mexico dinosaur figurines where excavated.

     The Native Americans have a legend of a great bird that flies before the storms, it signals that storms are coming and makes thunder by the beating of it's wings. It also happens that the  Quetzalcoatlus
    is the largest Pterosaur every found. With a wingspan of 35 feet, and is theorized to only be able to fly only before great storms because of  the wind provided by the storm was the only thing able to get it off the ground.

     And guess what? Quetzalcoatlus fossils have been found in America which offer support to the Native American legends and the theory that it was a dinosaur . The only difference in each of these cases is that they where called either called dragons or something else.

    If you where to look at a modern depiction of a dinosaur and a depiction of a dragon from an ancient culture they look almost identical.  One then has to think, How are these primitive cultures all drawing accurate depictions of dinosaurs if they never seen one? Maybe the answer is because they really did see them. Maybe because dinosaurs didn’t really die out millions of years ago, but in fact lived among humans from the beginning of creation, until recently.

The last piece of evidence is that dinosaur blood and soft tissue has been found.
What’s so interesting about this is that the soft tissue, and red blood cells, are found in poorly preserved dinosaur fossils.

What’s makes that amazing is the way a fossil is made. Fossilization happens when something dies and is buried; rapidly after death. If this does not happen immediately after death, and some form of decay starts you will either have a poorly preserved fossil or no fossil at all. So how can we find soft tissue in a poorly preserved fossil if it died millions of years ago? Tissue can’t last that long, especially in a poorly preserved. That is the question that has scientist scratching their heads today. But a theory involving knights and dragons seems to explain the "how it happened".
Remember all those old legends of knights fighting off dragons? So a group of  Knights (or one) fights off a dragons (or what we now call dinosaurs) and heroically defeats it wining the hand of the princesses or some other kind of reward. And after they took whatever they wanted from the now dead dragon (because surprisingly a lot of medieval remedies call for dragon something), they would leave the dragon’s body to be burned or left to the birds. Now the dragon’s body being left out would start to decay, so if it was later buried by a mudslide, or an earthquake, it could become a poorly preserved fossil.

This is one way we could get soft tissue in a poorly preserved fossils.  Modern science can’t tell us how soft tissue was able to last for millions of years in a poorly persevered fossil. Because decaying tissue can't last for millions of years. If dinosaurs did not die out millions of years ago and lived with man up until recently, that would explain how soft tissue can be found in some dinosaur bones today.

            So after looking at the evidence from the Bible, from Ancient culture, and even from the bones of dinosaurs themselves. What do we have? What do they say?
 1) The Bible, being one of the oldest record books in the world, mentions dinosaur like animals as if they were everyday animals.
2) Ancient cultures have a very accurate descriptions of dinosaurs and accurate pictographs when supposedly no man had ever laid eyes on one.
3) Decaying tissue can't last millions of year in a poorly preserved fossil. But it can be possible with the "Knight/Dragon" theory. 
    So you have to ask yourself; if dinosaurs didn’t live with humans, how are such accurate descriptions possible? If they weren’t seeing dinosaurs, what were they seeing?

    And then there is still the matter of soft tissue. How can a poorly preserved fossil over millions of years old still contain soft tissue? Soft tissue can’t last millions of years in a poorly persevered fossil, because of the rate of decay.
    These questions may seem over-whelming, because it goes against everything we learned about dinosaurs in school.  But the facts supporting dinosaurs living with man is more convincing than anything else.

    Could the people who draw the ancient depictions have been crazy? Maybe. It is interlay possible that a crazy person could draw something like that. And even if they where crazy we are talking about an pretty accurate depiction of a dinosaur. But let me tell you this, no two crazies can draw the exact same thing.

I've come to the conclusion that Dinosaurs lived with man since the beginning, but sadly with their disappearance they faded from our memory and took a place in our lore as dragon. But does that mean that Dragons never exited? Well my thoughts on that will have to be saved for another post if. So let me know if that will be something you would like to see.
And as always Stay True to the King!

By the way what are your thoughts on the subject? I would love to hear them even if we don't agree.

Special thanks to all these guy for providing all the material for this paper/post

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  1. WOW! I love this! You raised some interesting points that I've never really thought about before, and, as I think about it, I'm finding that I agree. Everything you said makes sense to me. I also very much appreciate the fact that you listed multiple Bible verses to support what you're saying. How much time did you spend on this?

    I would love it if you did a post on your thoughts on dragons. I think that would be VERY interesting.

    Also, I can't believe that I didn't guess this. Your hint was that it started with "D". I should have known this is what your surprise post was going to be about. *face palm*

    1. Thanks Karyssa! Yeah the Bible verses where kind of hard to find at first, I was like "what? my strong concordance says these have dragons, but all I see is snake!"

      It was actually re-worked from a paper I did. But it did take some time re-finding all that information.

      Cool! I really wanted to tackle my thoughts on dragons and other beast of legend but I didn't have enough time :P

      Hahah it's find, it was a rather unhelpful hint

  2. Dragons! Ah, one of my favorite creatures!
    I agree with your points; Dragons are Dinosaurs, and vise versa.
    I've heard/read that in some places, like the deepest, darkest parts of Africa, there are still dragons (dinos) that inhabit some of the really deep swamps. I like to think that there are still some dragon'y creatures still hanging around. :)
    I agree with Karyssa. It's great how you used all those different Bible verses to back what you're saying.
    I would definitely enjoy reading more posts about dragons, and what you think about them!

    1. Yeah I've heard/read up on those sightings in Africa and other parts of the world. It gets pretty cool but I didn't have time/space to get to much into that. I didn't want to make this post any longer then it already was :D

      Thanks! I guess you can consider it as "coming soon" then!

    2. Haha, good point...
      Great! looking forward to it! :D

  3. THIS POST WAS AMAZING. My brother and I were dinosaur kids too (you know, stomping the models on the kitchen table and wrecking it ;). It wasn't until I started reading the bible by myself that I wondered about dinosaurs vs dragons. I've kinda always known that dragons used to exist, because they are explicitly mentioned in some translations of the bible. And Bryan Davis' series, Dragons in Our Midst, made a pretty good argument. But I totally forgot about dinosaurs until right now. This was a fantastic explanation of the topic!

    audrey caylin

    1. Thanks Audrey! That's so cool! I have to say the wreaking part is always the funniest. Really? I always wondered in the back of my mind something that I'll talk about in a later post.
      Was that the one where all the dragons where killed off my the Knights or Dragon Slayers?

    2. Yep, that's the one. Then in the next series, Oracles of Fire, the author takes us all the way back to the Garden of Eden and then the Flood. Eye of the Oracle was a super interesting novel!

    3. Okay. I read the first series but I never got around to reading the Oracles of Fire.

  4. Now here's a topic of which I wouldn't mind seeing more.
    The dragon/dinosaur connection fascinates me. Not only does it make science and history that much cooler, but there is so much story material in all of this!
    I seem to have developed a habit of slipping dinosaurs, or dinosaur-like creatures, into my writing. It can get a little odd, but I have a grand old time.

    1. Hello Blue! First off I would like to welcome you, and thank you for dropping a comment, I hope you enjoy your time here on this blog!

      Thank you! it seems like I'm not the only one who liked dinosaurs/dragons. I totally agree with you, it does make science and history that much more interesting.
      Ha I don't see anything wrong with dinosaur (or dinosaur like creatures) making their way into your writing! The more the merrier if you ask me!

  5. Yep, I agree - thought this way for a long time. It's not too hard to believe, with all the Biblical facts.
    I remember The Creation Museum has a bit about this topic, and it was fascinating. There's still hope of me owning a dragon. ;)

    1. Thanks Raechel! I got some of my information from the Creation Museum :D good stuff right? Hahah yeah owning a dragon would be sick.

  6. I totally agree! Dinosaurs are dragons, same thing, just a new word for them. :)
    Do you know what dinosaur means? Terrible lizard or reptile.
    Sir Richard Owen thought it up.:)

    Great post! I also like how you used Bible verses!
    Looking forward to part II, dragons!

    1. Hello Tiffany! First off I want to say welcome! I hope you find your time on this blog to be enjoyable.

      Thank you! yeah I knew, it's kind of funny who the 1800's definition of dragon is so close to our new word for dinosaur.

    2. Thanks! :)
      Oh, I noticed your blog title is missing the "s" in dinosaur. ;)

    3. Oh man! *goes edits it* Thanks for pointing it out!

  7. Great job on this post, Marrok! I enjoyed reading it! Dinosaurs and dragons have interested me for a long time. They are so fascinating! (I actually have a story/post on dinos and dragons myself if you want to check it out: )

    And did you know that before the word dinosaur was invented, all large reptiles were called dragons? The term dinosaur is more narrow, and it refers only to reptilian land animals whose hip structures raise them off the ground. So dinosaurs are technically just specific types of dragons!

    It's sad how many "scientists" can see all these facts (blood in dinosaur fossils, etc.) and still claim that they lived millions of years before man. Even in recent years, there have been many reported sightings of huge "sea creatures" or dinosaur-like creatures on land. It seems strange that there are so many of those if dragons went extinct millions of years ago. ;)

    Looking forward to more posts on this topic!

  8. Thanks Livi! I think I remember reading it, but thanks I'll read it!

    Yeah totally! Another assumption that comes with the word "Dinosaur" is "reptile" which brings up quite a few problems I didn't have time to go into in this post.

    Yeah it is kinda sad. But it's like Romans says "professing to be wise they became fools". As long as we Know and can give an answer as to why then I think we did our job.

  9. I've gotten to the stage where I like to casually mention the fact there really used to be dragons around. I'm thinking dinosaurs, though I don't tend to say that straight off.
    And I don't think the dinosaurs disappeared all that long ago. There's a slight chance they could still be around. There's been reports of seeing enormous unknown creatures in some of the islands of New Guinea and deep parts of Africa. None verifiable of course, but still possibly true. One of my brother once expressed a wish to go looking for them.

    1. Hello Brie! Thanks for stopping by!

      Oh I know all about those sightings and newer sightings but I didn't have time to get into all that. How funny! That is what I would like to do one day, go and find myself my own dragon :D

  10. Wow. I love this! That is so fascinating to think about. My sis will love this. She is the hugest fan of both dinosaurs and dragons xD well done! Awesome post!

    1. Thanks Lisa! How cool! Since doing this post I'm superseded at how many other people out their like dragons/dinosaurs like I do.


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